Eject and Ramp Protectors

Stern's The Simpsons Pinball Party was an instant hit, a true classic in the making and one of the deepest rule sets ever in a pinball machine. It is considered a true "players" machine with an incredible variety of modes and shots. Let's get it protected!


Left or Treehouse ramp
  Here we see a blown out Treehouse ramp :( We need to swap the post and install my protector
  MUCH better :) It takes a bit of work to install but thankfully we have a nicely done guide by Kelly Keeton HERE and, yes, I include the correct post needed to do the install.

Right or Moe ramp
  OUCH! Another missing chunk of ramp on the right side.
  What a difference! This is super easy to install. What a relief after doing that left ramp :)

Center or hidden Garage ramp
  This is a garage ramp with the end busted off. Sadly it's typical because the end is unsupported in the game.
Next to it you see my protector.
      Two shots of the protector installed. It spans the gap and makes the game playable again. On new replacement or unbroken ramps it provides the support needed to prevent breakage in the first place.

 The 3 piece ramp protector kit with post. Ready to protect your TSPP!

      The shooter eject protector covers the wood at the end of the eject chute.

What? No Itchy & Scratchy protector here? I'm often asked for it but this is a Pinbits part. I do have them occasionally when I get a chance to buy them from my Pinbits pals. Always feel free to ask!

Protect your Simpsons Pinball Party and preserve the mayhem! The 3 piece ramp set with hardware is $55. Add the shooter eject for only $10 more. Email me HERE to get yours!

Prices shown do not include shipping. Shipped first class via USPS. If Priority Mail desired please specify at time of order. I always combine shipping to save you money!
California residents please add 8.5% sales tax.