Batman: The Dark Knight
Scoop Hole Protector - click images to enlarge

The new Batman pinball machine from Stern Pinball, Inc is loaded with shots and clever toys. However the scoop shot is vulnerable and has shown edge chipping after less than 100 plays. Never fear! A new protector is here!
With much thanks to Chris Heffner we now have a beautifully designed protector that will prevent wear and actually beautify the game with it's shiny stainless steel appearance matching the somewhat industrial look of the game.

Let's see it installed in Chris' game!
NICE! You might also notice Chris has installed my blue and yellow color sleeves (1 blue, 2 yellow) which really brighten up the dark playfield.


Be a hero! Save your Batman from scoop wear! Only $25! Click HERE to order yours!

First class shipping via USPS. If Priority Mail desired for $5 please mention when ordering. We ship worldwide! California residents please add 8.5% sales tax.


1. Push the crane to the left side of the playfield.
2. Remove the right wireform and raise playfield.
3. Remove the vuk and trough assembly from the bottom.
4. Remove the single post located at the right front corner of the hole.
5. Remove the locking nut on the ball guide post to the right of the hole.
6. Loosen the 2 remaining locking nuts on the ball guide assembly to allow some vertical play. No need to remove!
7. Lower the playfield and lift the ball guide up and slide the protector into place making sure the notch fits around the right side ball guide post.
8. Re-assemble in reverse order.
9. Play!