CFTBL Scoop Protector Installation Instructions


Remove playfield glass and balls

Remove the Snack Bar plastic

Flip playfield up and remove the bumper post to the left of the scoop. This may require a helper so that one person can hold the post while the other removes the nut from the bottom. You may need to use pliers to hold the post. If so remove the rubber bumper sleeve

Put the playfield back down and loosen the front screw that holds the ball guide to the right of the scoop in place

Remove the back screw for the ball guide

Remove the lamp on the right side of the ball guide

Carefully swing the ball guide to the right, away from the scoop

Clean area thoroughly. At this point it is a good idea to check the arch of the scoop itself. Typically on CFTBL the scoop gets bent backwards to the point that it breaks the Snack Bar plastic. It can get bent back so far as to keep the ball from going into the hole! Loosely place the Snack Bar plastic in place and using hand pressure only bend the scoop back down towards the playfield. You should have about 1/8" to 1/4" clearance between the scoop and the plastic.

Install protector into the scoop hole. It will be tight on the sides but that's what we want!

Make sure the mounting holes line up with the existing playfield holes, use your fingers to keep forward tension on the protector as you install the screw and post

Swing the ball guide back into position and re-install back screw. Try not to over tighten screw

Replace lamp

Replace bumper post and flip playfield up again to install the bumper post nut. Again do not tighten excessively

Lower playfield, install Snack Bar plastic, balls and glass

You're done! Enjoy the new look of your Creature From The Black Lagoon