Bally Dr Who Top Flap, Time Expander Entrance, Mini Playfield Edge & Ramp Protectors

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The Mini Playfield Edge protector. Thanks to Vic Ireland for the loan of his mini playfield and Kevin Steele for testing! A view from the bottom showing installation. Simply loosen the targets and slip protector in between Here it is installed and covering plywood edge damage. Looks like it should have been there from day one! 
    The Time Expander Entrance protector! Finally a solution to the ugly divots common to so many well loved Dr Whos! John Messer helped with testing and provided pics. Look closely at the arrows. The divots should be filled with clear epoxy using shipping tape as a dam. The epoxy will provide support to the back of the protector helping it last much longer than without. In cases of very minor wear it shouldn't need to be filled, however.
 It looks like it came from the factory! Easy install too. Simply remove the two posts on the corners of the square hole, clean playfield edge of any wax, peel adhesive backing and install. 
Replacement for part number 01-10650

My version of what the top flap should have been. Wrapped over the front edge to add rigidity and prevent warpage. It must be used in conjunction with my edge protector, however, as the lip over the front won't tolerate ball hits very long without it :) Shown with a new CPR repro playfield

Russ Meyers was able to squeeze one of the new top flaps in behind the already installed edge protector and it looks great!
A couple more pics from Russ' game. So NICE! My Hyperthin stainless is shiny and clean. No more blued spring steel with bluing worn away!
A ramp protector that really works and looks great! Big thanks to Martin Wardle, Chris Heffner and Scott Charles for templates and testing! Martin shows us his blown out ramp.

The inadequate factory protector as seen on Scott's game. The end is fully exposed to ball hits!

My protector installed on Scott's game. So much better coverage and makes a blown out ramp playable again!
Protect your lock holes with Cliffy'sŪ Hyperthin excellence! Bryan's locks are safe from extermination now! http://Protect your Shooter Eject as well. Nothing's too good for the Dr.

Buy the whole set including hole protectors for $104. Click HERE to get yours and rescue your Time Lord!
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  This protector is RetroBlast & Gameroom Magazine recommended! Thanks for the review, Kevin!