Ghostbusters Pinball Protector Sets!

I ain't afraid of no ghosts! But playfield wear scares the slime out of me! Cliffy's protector sets will keep the ectoplasm from wearing away the wood on your beautiful machine! Thanks to Eric Neff for the loan of his beautiful game
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The Protectors!

Ghost Balls Everywhere! Hyperthin™, perfect fit, no fee is too small!
Cliffy's got you covered with protection for the Library Scoop, Storage Facility, Outhole and Eject Lane. As an added bonus there is a tip to protect your playfield with a simple fix.

Library Protector

Yes the game comes with a protector here out of the box but the metal used is too thin to stand up to the amount of busting you're gonna do. This perfect fit protector brings Cliffy's supernatural protection to the library.

Storage Facility Protector (Pro only)

The Storage Facility get's spooked from both sides. This protector not only protects from phantom trains but brings the Cliffy finish.

Scoleri Brothers Drop Target Protectors

The edge behind the Scoleri Brothers gets hit hard. Get it protected! NOTE: The Nunzio (Right) Brother protector is custom cut to allow space for an LED board that is installed behind it.

Universal Switch Slot Protectors

        Cliffy's Hyperthin™ protectors for the drops from the ramps over the inlanes. Two on LE/Premiums, one on Pro models

Outhole Drain Protector

 You may never hit a shot, but you'll hit the outhole at least 3 times a game. Protect it!

3 piece Shooter Lane Protector Set

Every ball hits the shooter eject area but you're covered with Cliffy's shooter lane set
You came, you saw, don't let the ball kick your... Tail? No! RAIL! Cliffy's Rail Guard™ completes the shooter lane trifecta!

Cliffy's Bonus Tip: Nub Protection

Repeated hits on the PKE Ramp's blue nub can wear a groove in your finish! The end of the metal guide is not secured directly and can move from side to side every time it get's hit. Getting it off the playfield is the solution. You should do this while the ramp is out.
The solution is easy: just place a washer under the mounting tab to left the end of the guide off the field. And for no reason whatsoever the ramp is easier to hit too (your mileage may vary)!

You got some options here, I want you to know this.

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