Hyperthin Axl scoop, VUK set, shooter ejects and G ramp protectors
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Axl scoop and 2pc VUK's (vertical up kickers) and shooter eject protectors

Typical wear. Fill with epoxy putty and install protector.  Nice!

        Nestor shows the left and right VUK protectors installed. Included but invisible are mylar inserts that fit into the flat "tray" routed area

Fully protected! No more wear will occur and looks better than factory :) Thanks to Gary Marks, Nestor D., David K. and Eric for testing and pix!

                    Scott Sikora helped with shooter ejects specifically for GnR and they are NICE!

Next up, the "G" ramp gets protected

  Typical broken G ramp entrance   And fixed!   Much better than originals. Provides full coverage!
Next we protect and restore the trap door section of the "G" ramp

        The full coverage patch / protector wraps the outside of the ramp

        Typical breakage. Nasty. Let's patch this poor ramp and restore function

    Slide the protector in place over the bottom of the ramp
        Assemble the coil and door mechanism. Notice the protector fits BETWEEN the coil bracket and the coil stop bracket. A long 1/4" magnetic nut driver helps here. The protector puts the coil bracket at a slight angle so a little fiddling with the trapdoor bellcrank will be needed to achieve smooth opening and closing.

        Drill two holes with a #29 (9/64" or 3.50mm) bit and install the two locknuts and 6-32 truss head screws. This will fully restore rigidity      Shown here on Dave Nelsons repro G ramp, screws not needed if new or unbroken but still recommended.

Sincere thanks to Brian Kast and Dave Nelson for the loan of their ramps. I couldn't have made this without them!

Only $28 for the Axl scoop, $40 for the 2pc VUK set, $15 for the 2pc shooter ejects, $35 for the ramp entrance protectors and $38 for the trapdoor protector.  Get the entire GNR protection set for $150!
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shipped first class via USPS. If Priority Mail desired please mention at time of order. Due to the size of the trapdoor protector it can only be shipped small box.
California residents please add sales tax