Playfield Protectors

The iconic British metal bands comic and mobile game, Legacy of the Beast comes to life in a Stern™ pinball machine. With help from the likes of the inimitable Chris Heffner, Dave Rendon, Leon Essex and Rich Bottaro, Cliffy's™  has created the best protection aside from Eddie himself, of course


    Cliffys™ Iron Maiden Premium/LE complete protector set

    Cliffys™ Iron Maiden™ PRO complete protector set

LE/Premium scoop protector installed
        Note that the wall ball guide only needs to be loosened, not removed,  to install the protector

3-Bank drop target protector installed

        Animated GIF of the carbon fiber orbit protector in place

Shooter eject protectors installed
            Installation guide here

Outhole (drain) protector installed
    Installation guide here

Switch slot protectors installed at the ramp drops

Run to the hills and get your Cliffy's™ set of Iron Maiden™ protectors!

$109 for the complete LE/Premium set or $88 for the Pro set.

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