Hyperthin™ Monster Bash OEM & RemAKE protectors
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  Typical, nasty, scoop hole wear. Very sad =( 

   Ahhhh... much better!  Here's a couple shots of the Black Line version installed too         
Thanks to Theo van Vroenhoven, Bernie,John C., Tom T. and Martin for the great pics.

Standard size Mosh Pit scoop protector set and the Black Line version. I named it Black Line as the edges extend only to the black border line around the scoop 
Sleek, stylish and effective! The standard is recommended in most cases and will last the longest. Both fit the original Williams new CGC remake playfields

    John C shows us my standard version on his MB Remake- elegant perfection - of course!


If your scoop hole damage is severe the protector itself may be damaged in short order. In such severe cases the hole should be repaired with an epoxy such as the one found at http://www.pinrestore.com/Supplies.html or your local hardware store

This will give support behind the protector and should dramatically reduce or eliminate denting of the protector. Simply knead enough of the epoxy stick to fill the damage and press into the damaged area. Now insert the protector while epoxy is still workable to mold it. Use a knife to trim excess and you're done. Jason has sent us a few pictures showing how easy it is to repair the damage and support the protector.

                        Excellent, fast and extremely durable using Quick Wood or PC Lumber epoxy putty. Thanks Jason!

The remainder of the installation of the protector is as follows-  The tab on the lower front edge is held in place by simply being pinched between the scoop weldment and the bottom side of the playfield. Therefore, the weldment must be loosened enough to slip the tab in between then retightened. The upper tab with the punched hole is held in place by the post behind the scoop hole. This must of course be removed and then inserted through the protector tab and tightened again from the bottom side. Total time to install is about 30 minutes.

Shooter Eject Protector
        This is a new playfield and to keep it new let's protect it!  The protector absorbs all the eject impacts        Looks great too!

Only $55 for the set in either version Mosh Pit protector. Click HERE to email me for order info  
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