Ye Olde Medieval Madness Protectors

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"Three cheers for Cliffy's Medieval Madness protectors!"

Hear, hear! Aptly dubbed The King of Pinball Games, Medieval Madness offers fun play with interactive toys and fantastic humor through the voice acting. But great games get a good beating too and a lot of things have come down the pipeline to enhance and repair/restore this challenging Williams game. I'd like to thank Lloyd Olson & David Hanna for pics and testing. Fortunately these all fit the remake version as well!

    The complete playfield protector set for remake or original Medieval Madness

The Catapult Protector
        Lots of requests for this one as the catapult slot gets torn up over time. Follow along as Dave installs the protector!

    The catapult area        Tearing down        Sliding the protector into place under the guide

    Lining it up with the holes        Adhesive backing removed, aligned with slot        Laser cut precision!

    Reassembly begins        Nearly done!        FINISHED! Nicely done, Dave. It's a beauty!

Moat Jump & Subway Ramp Protector
This protects not only the wood around the hole but more importantly the green plastic moat subway ramp itself.

    Stripped down for clarity. The protector can be installed without removing the castle front nor the moat ramp

    Squeeze the protector and drop into the hole        Press against the wood and install screws

     Press other side against wood from top. Playfield needs to be standing up. Reach around and use a magnetic driver to install new screw in tab

        NICE! The tab that extends into the subway is slightly sprung forward to absorb ball hits. No more blown out moat ramps!

Moat Front Edge Protector
  This front edge protector prevents chipping from the ball bouncing back on missed shots to the castle wall.
                Installation requires loosening the subway ramp and then simply sliding protector in place

Drawbridge Edge Protector
Don't you just hate how the drawbridge cracks the artwork at the edge of the moat? Me too! So, I made this protector

        Dave shows us his 5 second install. Simply slide into place! Nicely matches the semicircle of the drawbridge flap

Outhole (drain)
The outhole drain protector prevents chipping as the ball drops or bounces back as it rolls out
Simply loosen and lower the ball chute, insert protector and re-tighten the chute

Another common wear spot is where the ball is ejected into the shooter lane. I've made a Hyperthin™ protector to cover and prevent wear.

Shooter Eject
   Prototype installed on Jeff Rumsey's MM            The final production protector

Switch Slots
And of course my universal switch slot protectors at the end of each ramp drop at the inlanes. The finishing touch on a fully protected playfield! Of course I reserve the right to add new protection but for now this is a fairly complete kit :)

And, if needed, my ramp protectors below

Ramp Protectors
        As you can see in the green circles the mount tabs break off which then allows too much flex thereby cracking the ramp behind them. The tabs break because Williams had zero radius bend in very thick stainless. The bends act like score lines and the metal is fatigued at those bends. The result is a very weak mounting tab which will not tolerate very much stress.

    Enter my replacement protectors. Notice the radiused bends at the mount tabs. This allows stress to be distributed along the metal more evenly.

        Here Lloyd has installed a pair of prototypes I made for him to test. After over a year at his S&S Billiards location they are still going strong! Since the Chicago Gaming Co remake comes new with ramp protectors mine are not needed for it... yet :)


The complete Medieval Madness playfield protector set for Remake or OEM version is $120.
Ramp protectors are $33 per pair (fixes one ramp)

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