From the pulps to comics to movies this classic crime fighting character comes to life in a pinball machine based on the 90's guilty pleasure movie of the same name. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of pinball machines? The Shadow knows...


Cliffy's™ Shadow full protector set and enhanced No-Hop™ flipper guides
        Thanks to Erik Peabody I had an original playfield to design on. Have a look below

The Khan kickout protector
        Shown on the original and CPR repro playfield. The CPR screw holes are off from original but the protector will still fit, albeit a bit off center

The Battelfield VUK and drop target protectors
        Again, OEM and CPR repro installs shown and no alignment problems here. Both single bank drop targets shown protected as well, nice!

Start Scene kickout carbon fiber
    Carbon fiber protects great and cannot warp!

Switch slots at the inlane ramp drops
        Beautiful. Keep them that way :)

Shooter ejects
        Should have been there from day one!

Outhole drain
        Hey no chipping on the way out!

Enhanced No-Hop™ flipper guides!
    The Shadow playfields have a flaw whereby the flipper is not on the same centerline as the guides. That means the ball has to drop down onto the flipper bat. This means a serious bounce whether the ball is rolling down or back up the inlanes. Cliffy's™ fixes this design flaw and gets the ball rolling perfectly smooth to the flippers

    Bad alignment from the factory shown here. Makes for a nasty little drop to the flipper :(

        Cliffy's™ No-Hop™ guides in place- check out the smooth line for the ball to roll down- beautiful!

The Shadows knows you need to protect your machine with Cliffy's™ fantastic protectors and get it playing properly with No-Hop™ flipper guides!

The 11pc playfield protector set includes;
Khan kickout, Battlefield VUK, 2pc carbon fiber Start Scene kickout, 2x single bank drops, 2 switch slots, 2pc shooter ejects and outhole drain for $108.
Add $20 for replacement A-19676-1 / A-19676-2 enhanced No-Hop™ flipper return guides

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