Stern Tron Legacy Pinball Ramp Scoop and Shooter Eject Protectors

Highly regarded  amongst the pinball playing, hobbyist and collector community Tron Legacy manages to capture the feel of the movie with sights and sounds previously unrealized in a pinball machine. The Limited Edition in particular is a stunning visual feast for the eyes. The game play is fast and frenetic in both Pro and LE versions. However... It does have it's weak points. Cliffy's has entered the grid to protect your fabulous new Tron pinball! Thanks to my pal Ricci for the loan of his Tron and Chris Heffner for the help on the scoop!

    Cliffy's *complete* protection set for Tron: Legacy. Lets take a look at them in sections;




Here are the ramp protectors I've made for Tron Legacy

And here's why. Badly broken ramps within a few hundred games! Both ramps end up with chunks blown out :(

Follow along as we install them, starting with the left ramp.

Lift the playfield and remove the screws holding the standup targets.  Remove the swing switch gate and lay to side. Slide right ramp protector in place and reinstall switch gate.

Snip the zip tie holding the fiber optics on the left side of the ramp. Slide protector into place and use included zip tie to wrap through the tab and ramp hole and don't forget to capture the fiber optic as well.

On the Pro version you will have to drill or melt the hole in the ramp with a solder pencil. Mark the ramp with the protector in place using a Sharpie. Use a #30 drill bit if you choose to use the included zip tie or a #36 bit if you would rather use a sheetmetal screw.

This is what the left ramp should look like when done and standup targets reinstalled. Fully protected and beautiful!

The right ramp needs to have the switch gate removed and we'll use one of the posts at the entrance to mount as well. Slip the protector in place and loosely install a screw in the post. You may need to massage the protector to fit the curve of the ramp and line up the upper mounting holes. A 5/16" open end wrench with tape across the face is great for holding the nuts while inserting the screws back into the switch gate and through the protector tab and ramp. A magnetic Philips screwdriver is also very helpful here.

The following are some colorful beauty shots from the LE version.

You'll also notice my color post sleeves installed. I used orange, dark blue and yellow which I think complement the colors of the game very well! 


My Flynn's Arcade scoop protector v2.0! Big thanks to Chris Heffner and Martin Reynolds for their ingenious solutions.
Lets see it installed!

Installation is simple and quick!
Remove the ball trap plastic, 2 hex posts and then the video arcade model lays to the side. Insert the protector making sure to line up the post mount holes. Reinstall posts, model and plastic and you're done!


The shooter eject protectors. It prevents ball impact wear and covers existing damage. Look at the second picture at the green arrow. If you look closely you can see discoloration from impacts on the wood. This game has less than 500 plays and a divot is already forming there.
To install first remove the score card apron. Remove the balls and then remove the two screws on each side of the eject chute. Now we'll need to loosen the black inner guide rail.

Flip the playfield up and locate 3 inner rail screws marked here by the arrows.
These are long wood screws and need to be backed out quite a ways to loosen the rail but do not need to be completely removed. Lower the playfield and lift the rail as shown.

slide the protector underneath both the rail and the screw tabs on the eject chute.


Both sides installed. Installing the right side is easy as removing the rail screws underneath, slide protector under rail, reinstall rail screws



Two zippy ramps drop the ball right over a switch slot on both the left and right inlanes.
Put a switch slot protector under both drops to avoid torn up slots in the future!
They look great and function even better preventing nasty wear



What goes in must go out! Protect the outhole drain from bounce back chipping. Install guide HERE

Get your Tron armored for the grid! Review prices below and click HERE to email me for order info! (will open your system default email program)
$42 for the 3 piece ramp protector set, $80 for the playfield only set or get the total protection package for only $118!
Shipping cost not included in prices. California residents must add sales tax