World Cup Soccer '94 10 Piece Playfield Protector Set!

(Click pics to enlarge)

    Whether you're a soccer fan or not everyone agrees that WCS'94 is a fantastic playing game!
                         A great execution of theme, fast flowing ramp shots and the spinning ball adding randomness to an otherwise strategic players game. Well done!
                         Thanks to a lot of help from Larry Kagele I now have a full set of protectors covering all saucers and scoops! Thanks Larry!

    This is the full set of protectors in my shiny Hyperthin™ spring stainless and carbon fiber

Lets see them installed below

The TV Award scoop
    Courtesy Jeff Miller, The Pinball Pimp

The Goalie scoop edge front
        No more edge chipping!

And rear!
        fix those nasty chips! Thanks to Joe Madrigal for the template and tests

Striker hole wear and a pic of the rear protector installed- MUCH better!

The kickout saucers- thanks Germaine!

John Doggett shows us repairing the kickout before installing protectors
            Use 2-part epoxy putty and get new saucer plastics when the ball support tabs are worn or broken.
Broken saucer tabs are the reason balls no longer kick out and upwards properly

Mike Belofsky shows installing the shooter eject

The outhole drain installed
    install guide here

    Cliffy's™ enhanced stainless ramp flaps for that finishing touch on your restoration!

Click HERE to email me about ordering a set to get your WCS'94 back in the game! (will open your system default email program)
Only $136 for the full 10 piece set. Add a pair of enhanced ramp flaps for $16
(rivets not included)
Shipping cost not included. Shipped first class via USPS or GlobalPost
California residents must add sales tax