Shooter Eject Protectors Installation

The following is a pictorial guide showing how to install Cliffy's™ shooter eject protectors. Sterns Ghostbusters™ is the game shown

This is a spike 2nd Generation as evidenced by the finned shank studs recessed at the ball chute, or trough, eject.

Stern Generation 1 and Pre-Spike games have no studs here

While Stern style ejects are shown this install method applies to all games that Cliffy™ makes shooter ejects for

Apron removed                    View underneath                Remove autolauncher        Access to side rail screws    Rail screws removed 90%

Rail loosened                      Moving to the main eject    Loosen stud nuts...              but leave them on the end and tap with small hammer

Studs removed                    Place protector                    Drop studs in place             Tighten stud nuts slowly    Tighten till flat, no more

Now for right side eject      Lay protector near rail        Lift rail                                Slide protector in place       Clamp BEFORE screws

Enjoy your handiwork!
        This process applies to nearly all shooter ejects although many are different styles

Lets see a Pre-Spike example below

South Park (Sega™) is a great example of the nearly generic pre-spike shooter eject and how it gets installed shown below

The oft questioned, infamous, "toothed" right side eject protector. Same method to install as shown in the previous section.
The tooth bites into the bottom of the rail eliminating slippage. Remember to clamp before tightening the rail screws
                How they should look when aligned properly

Spike generation 2 with metal side rails use a different right side eject protector. The picture below shows most of the variants of right side ejects
    These are the multi-fit right sides. Some games require a specific set of shooter ejects as shown below

    Again this is just a sample of some game specific right side ejects.

A small sample of the many shooter eject protectors for Williams/Bally and Stern shown below also showing Cliffy's™ Rail Guard™ in two flavors
    I also make these for many Data East and even the older Williams games like Gorgar and Comet, to name just two.

When ordering shooter ejects from Cliffy's™ it's important always specify the game and LE or Pro too- please do not guess!