Universal Switch Slot Protector

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So many games have the pinball drop from a ramp right over or just ahead of a switch slot. This is most common on the inlane return to the flippers and the resulting damage is quite easily visible... unfortunately.

I've been working on a solution to this problem for some time and finally hit on the right approach while developing the rocket kicker slot protector for Twilight Zone. Check out some pics below and of course I'd like to say big thanks to my helpers Bill Bucher and Chris Heffner. Troopers to the end :)


The Hyperthin Switch Slot protector


    JJP Dialed In        API Houdini        Stern Metallica

                Installed in my Judge Dredd. Open ends and my Hyperthin™ stainless means ZERO affect on ball roll!

        Shown installed on my Data East Star Wars. DE slots are shorter but the protectors do fit!

Simple, super fast installation using spring tension and 3M 467MP high performance micro-thin adhesive. Installs in seconds for a lifetime of protection!

Perfect in all games from Williams, Bally, Capcom, IPB, API, JJP, Heighway, Spooky, Data East, Sega and Stern pinballs. Just about any game with a switch slot! Games made before 1990 may have shorter slots and I need to trim the down tabs to work with those so let me know when ordering

Incredibly easy to install. Test fit dry to determine best coverage for you. Remove any wax around the switch slot with alcohol. Peel adhesive backing from protector. Insert into switch slot and press down. DONE!

FAQ: "Should I install with the open end up or down?" I get asked this question a LOT. The open end of the protector is longer than the closed end so test fit first and see how it looks best on your game. It should be centered in the black border lines for appearance but also installed for best protection from the ball drop. In MOST cases install open end facing up the playfield.

Need to cover up damaged switch slots on your games or prevent damage to your newly restored, repro or NOS playfield?

Click HERE to email me for ordering info and get those switch slots protected! Only $15 each to cover that unsightly wear and prevent future ball drop damage!

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