Tournament Button Relocation Kit
Another innovation from Cliffy's Lab!™

Got a Stern™ pinball machine with a tournament button on the lockdown bar? Tired of unplugging it to pull the glass? Want to get it off the darned bar?

Stern™ makes some great games and their tournament capability adds greatly to the fun. However, if you're a home player/collector and you don't plan to use a bill acceptor you may want one of my new button relocation kits! Click the pics below to enlarge

Go from this...

to this...
with this!
  Kit includes what you see here

Get that tournament button out of the way with Cliffy's recessed button relocation kit. Easy installation into the existing bill acceptor cutout on your coin door. The only thing you'll need is a blank plug for the lockdown bar hole or, even better, a new lockdown bar with no hole! Both available from your favorite pinball parts distributors. Let's have a look at the easy installation of the kit.

  Remove the 4 nuts holding the bill acceptor blank with an 11/32" nut driver  Install the plate in the backside of the door over existing studs. Install the two barrel nuts with spacers first Reuse one of your existing nylon spacers at the top left stud and a nut. Flip the cable clamp to face outwards and install over top right stud and then a nut.
Remove your tourney button from lockdown bar and insert into plate from the front. Now simply reroute your switch wires (not shown) and plug it into the button. DONE! Shown on my Simpsons Pinball Party with hole plug on lockdown bar. Plug available at finer pinball parts retailers TSPP didn't come with a tourney button but it is easily added with my kit. I needed to buy a button with switch and the wiring harness. Enable tournament mode in setup and it's ready for even more fun!

That was easy! No more unplugging the switch wires to get the glass off for maintenance. No more accidental starting of a tournament game. No more accidental resets of a game in progress! The rigid plastic kit has a similar texture to the coin door too. Looks like it was there from the factory! Button is recessed so no accidental "knee starts" yet easy to reach when you're ready to get your game on with friends. What's not to like!? Thanks to Doug Hansleman for the brainstorming sessions as well as testing and pics. Great job, Doug!

Get your tournament button relocation kit today and enjoy a better looking and much more worry free game!

Only $16.95!  Discount for multiples, just ask! USPS 1st class or Flat Rate shipping options available. Click HERE to email me and get yours!

California residents please add 8.5% sales tax.