Twilight Zone
Playfield Protectors and more!
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An instant classic by Bally and one of Cliffy's absolute favorites. Twilight Zone didn't do so well on route, likely due to its complexity of play and finicky features that drove operators and route techs crazy. However it found a second life in the home market and is prized among pinball collectors around the world. Twilight Zone is well worth protecting and Cliffy's has you covered!

    Cliffy's complete Twilight Zone protector set!

    Cliffy's enhanced No-Hop flipper guides!

Slot Machine scoop protector installed in Martin Reynolds game

Thanks to Dale Wozniarski we have a step by step pictorial on how they are installed. First, the slot scoop. Pics are named so hover mouse over pics
Reinstall guides, plastics, posts and ramp and that's it!

Gumball hole edge protector- Thanks to Jason Tobias for his help on this one
                Remove scoop, snap protector in place, reinstall the scoop and you're ready to play!

Rocket Kicker slot protector. Ric Turner provided the pics below and thanks to Steve Sachs for his encouragement
    Damaged area cleaned with alcohol            Peel film & tape backing & install!           

Mini playfield (Power) edge protectors. Let's see what they look like on John White's game
            Before...        After!                  Wow! What a nice, clean look and no more splintered wood or smashed wires!

Shooter Eject
        Add a shooter eject protector! Cover up that chipped hole edge and prevent future wear

Switch Slot
        Don't forget your switch slots, especially where there are ball drops!

Outhole Drain
    Rob Bell shows the outhole drain installed here- nicely done!

Enhanced No-Hop flipper guides. Incredibly smooth ball roll and FAST play action

Now with video proof!

Keep your Twilight Zone looking and playing great! Only $120 for the complete protector set! Add $20 for my enhanced flipper guides
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