Ok so how do I get mine?

New AFM-Remake full playfield set $110

SOL protectors $23 front or rear or $40 for the pair.

Moving target $20, Mothership $35 or $43 for that pair.

Need all 4 pieces? Only $80

Need ramp protection? $15 each or $40 for all 3!

Shipped first class via USPS. If Priority Mail desired in the US please specify at time of order. I always combine shipping to save you money!

Email me HERE to get a set and protect YOUR AFM from those nasty Martians!

Tested and recommended by RetroBlast and Gameroom Magazine!

Special thanks to many helpers including David K., Erik S., Mike K., Chris Heffner, Michael Osten, John Grus, Lloyd Olson and Dave 'Taxman' Tkacs.

You guys are the best!


Hyper-Thin Attack from Mars SOL, Target & Mothership hole protectors - Ramp protectors too!


NEW! AFM-REMAKE version complete protector set!
Mothership, 3 bank target, 2pc SOL scoop, Outhole drain, Diverter lock edge, shooter eject

  Hyperthin SOL front protector          Hyper thin, hyper strong! Front and rear together
S.O.L. Installation process

Step 1


Remove two bolts.

Step 2


Remove screws and bolts under playfield including the green target.

Step 3


Remove post, nut on bottom (press fit)


If there is excessive wear such as this game had, fill in with epoxy filler prior to installing protector.


Step 4


Position protector. Tab goes between playfield and target bracket on playfield bottom.

Step 5


Replace post, target screws and bolts and reconnect wires. Much better now!


Now we'll install the protector for the back of the SOL hole.

Step 1
Here David has stripped and prepped for a hole repair using epoxy putty.

Step 2
Masked off area to keep putty where it belongs, beginning to get putty in place.
Step 3
Both protectors installed. Nice! The rear will also get a pinch job beneath the ball guide not shown here.



Click HERE for patching instructions as seen above


Moving Target and Mothership installation


    The protectors. Moving target to the left, under the mothership on the right. Hyperthin for hyper play!

        Installed on Michaels game. Dave shows us how he installed his in the following pics.


Thanks to Dave for showing us how he patched the wood damage and wow it looks nice! The protector thickness requires you to adjust the drop target a smidge higher, shown in the last pic.

Click HERE for a full on installation guide made for us by Dave in PDF format.


Ramp Protectors
The OEM AFM cow and lobster ramp protectors often have broken mounting tabs. The factory radius in the tab is too sharp and is the weak point. My direct replacements use a gentler radius which absorbs impact much better. My protectors also extend down a bit more to cover more damage.

   Comparison to the factory part.     Typical broken protector on Lloyds AFM      Cliffys installed!

AFM uses 3 of this type of ramp protector, 2 right sides and one left.