Star Trek Pinball Pro, Premium and LE Protectors

Yet another fantastic Steve Ritchie designed pinball machine from Stern™! Sure to be a classic with it's fast flowing orbits and clever use of interactive features. Who wouldn't want to protect their investment in this incredible machine?! Never fear, Cliffy's is on it!

Full playfield sets shown below. The Pro set on the left, LE/Premium on the right
Sets include the left kickout/VUK scoop, Vengeance magnet ring, single drop target, outhole drain,  2 piece right and left side shooter ejects and my Rail Guard™

6 piece ramp protector set - Two versions shown below
        My ramp protector set covers the top flange of the plastic ramps. The alternate left Alpha shown on the left set fits between the factory guard and ramp

Follow along as Robert B. installs the VUK scoop protector on his LE. The Pro is very similar in process.

First thing is to remove the upper plastic followed by metal arched deflector

Next remove metal wireform ramp

Next is two screws holding thick black plastic spacers
Now remove the locknut on top of the scoop deflector, two small allen screws on the hub and the 3 screws which hold the metal bushing plate
Next remove SHIELDS plastic
Now flip the playfield up and remove the coil with 5 screws and 2 locknuts holding the ball guide
Next put playfield back down and remove the hex wood screw on top and remove the ball guide
Now lift the plate a bit and slip the protector into place taking care not to snap off the under-playfield clip on the protector
Now reverse the process to reinstall the pieces you removed. FINI!
Lets see some of the other protectors installed. Bill D shows the single drop target protector in place. Simply lower the drop mech and install protector from the top.
Ed V shows us the Vengeance magnet ring installed. Use the guide HERE to get the magnet pole flush with the ring for longevity
Rob installing the shooter ejects 
Outhole drain shown installed too
      Ramp protectors! Warp ramp,     Alternate Alpha,  Beta ramp
If your Alpha ramp has a factory guard that mounts to the playfield you may want to use my alternate Alpha protector. It simply fits between the factory part and the ramp for a super easy installation

Shields UP! Armor up to protect the playfield for only $76 plus shipping. Pro or LE/Premium same price. Add the 6pc ramp set for $75
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