Spider-Man Playfield and Ramp Protectors

Stern's Spider-Man is an instant classic. A fast, fist fighting Steve Ritchie design that created a new hope for pinball on it's release. Truly a great game!

IMHO a game deserving the ultimate in protection!

Thanks to Andy Limerick, Jim Rondeau, Greg Martin, Jon Ehrlich, Chris Heffner, Michael Pupo, Karin (Pinwitch) Kolbe, Neil Madison and Pam Reynolds for the help!

Protector set options

"Complete" set on left, "Full" set on right (minus switch slot protectors)

Sandman target bank

As it happens my universal 3 bank target protector also fits the Sandman target bank perfectly! Shown installed on Andy's game.

Sandman kickout protector

Typical wear shown. Cliffy's™ Sandman and Doc Ock kickout protectors give full coverage protection.
Mylar transition piece included to reduce ball hangs on the side entry to Sandman's kickout

Dock Ock kickout & magnet ring protectors

Full coverage Dock Ock kickout and magnet protector rings in carbon fiber protector shown here. Standard size and wide area shown.
Chris created an EXCELLENT install guide. Click HERE for the pdf!

Right Ramp Protector

Here is Greg's right ramp, cracked after barely 100 games. You can see the end of the ramp is fully exposed to ball hits

Fully protected now and only 5 minutes or less to install. Looks great too!

Shooter lane ejects and Rail Guard™

3 piece shooter lane set shown installed on Michael Paul's vault edition game
Use my Metallica/TWD shooter lane install guide HERE

Switch slot protectors

Switch slot protectors installed at the left and right inlane ramp drops

The "Complete" protector set $136, the "full" set without switch slots is $109. Of course you can get just the pieces you like too, just ask!
Click HERE to email me and get your Spidey protected today!

USPS 1st class and Priority Mail shipping options available. I always combine shipping to save you money!
California residents add sales tax