The Hobbit 5 Piece Pinball Protector Set

Don't let playfield damage burn you! Cliffy's 5 piece set will keep your Hobbit looking and playing great for the ages of elf and man!
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Balin and Radagast Kickout Protectors

        The Balin and Radagast kickouts make for fun gameplay but each kick can take it out on your playfield. Install Cliffy's custom protectors to keep it looking like new.

Smaug Drop Protector

Smaug may love gold but he could care less about your playfield. Cliffy's Smaug Drop protector is a custom cut 5 mm mylar to stop this cold! NOTE: White backing is removed in normal installation.

Shooter Eject Protectors

A game this good is going to get played a lot. That's a lot of balls ejected into the shooter lane. Keep it looking factory fresh with Cliffy's 2 piece Shooter Eject protectors.

Installation note:
Where my protectors use tapes please clean all wax from the area with wax remover like Naphtha or a strong citrus solvent. Then, right when you are ready to install the protector, wipe the taped area of the playfield (not the protector!) with the alcohol swab I always include (3M Activator stamped on the swab). It's a simple 70% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Immediately after the alcohol evaporates peel the 3M adhesive backing and install the protector pressing down as hard as you can and if possible rubbing down hard with a soft cloth. 3M acrylic adhesives are activated by both alcohol and pressure and reach maximum cure in 24 hours.

Only $65 for the 5 piece set of hyperthin protectors and custom cut mylar.
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Shipped first class via USPS. If Priority Mail desired please specify at time of order. I always combine shipping to save you money!
California residents please add 8.5% sales tax