Indiana Jones
drop target slot - mode saucer - ramp protectors and MORE!
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Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure is such an awesome game. One of the best executed themes in all of pinball! We now make protectors for most of the commonly worn areas of the game so you can bring your Indy back to top playing condition and beautify it at the same time! Follow along on our Indy protector adventure!


    A beauty shot showing many of the new protectors installed. Shown here are the ramp protectors, stainless steel ramp flaps, plastics protectors and the 3 drop target slot protector. Gorgeous!

    Here's a close-up of the 3 drop slot protector and Martin's beautiful PETG plastics protectors

    And here you can see my ramp protectors. Notice the leading edge is perpendicular to the playfield and parallel to the post. It protects the edge of the ramp entrance MUCH better than the standard factory parts. Not only that but the mirror finish is easier on the eyes and on the ball as well!

        This is the single drop target, showing damage and with my protector installed

                This is the mode hole protector installed on Mr 68's game. It is held in place by the backstop and the ball guide to the left of the hole.

3 drop $20     1 drop $13       Mode $13     Ramps $35

Ramp flaps and plastics protectors are available at     I would like to thank Martin Reynolds, Rick Burnham and Kim Mitchell for all their help designing, testing and for pics!

Get that Indy looking and playing right! Click HERE to email me and ask about a bundle price for all 4!

USPS 1st class and Priority Mail shipping options available. I always combine shipping to save you money!

California residents please add 8.5% sales tax.