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Cliffy's playfield protectors

       Cliffy's *complete* POTC protector set with two choices for the Tortuga kickout

MAP scoop and target bank
        Vic Ireland shows us the 2 piece MAP protector installed
Greg Thorpe did a nice pictorial on Pinside HERE and a video by The Pinball Mod Co shows how to remove the Black Pear HERE

Tortuga kickout
    A bit tricky to install but, hey, you only have to do it once! Tony Dembeck made us a guide HERE

The Depths
    Protects the front edge of the scoop

Black Pearl edge
    Nicely protects the bare wooden edge!

Bayou scoop
    Carbon fiber protects the vulnerable edge here

Shooter eject
    Every game starts right here. Bill Woodcock protected it on his game!

Switch slots at the ramp drops
        2 switch slot protectors for the inlane ramp drops finishes it all off!

Outhole drain
        Yeah yeah, this is JJP's GnR but its the same drain design- somebody send me POTC drain pics please!

Avast ye landlubbers! Protect pirates? Aye, matey! Find your treasure below!

The full 10 piece protector set includes The Depths, 2pc MAP, Tortuga (stainless or CF), Black Pearl edge, Bayou CF scoop
Shooter eject, Drain and 2 switch slots for $128!

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Shipping cost not included in prices. Shipped first class via USPS or GlobalPost
California residents must add sales tax